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Beside Lake Biwa,
experience the time of your life.


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Relax to your heart's content.

Royal Oak Hotel by Lake Biwa and beautiful gardens.
Every visit makes you discover your new self.
Spending precious moments.
You may find moments only for you.


Variety of seasonal gourmet dishes.

Satisfying seven gourmet restaurants, ranging from
authentic Japanese, to Western and Chinese style dishes.
Featured dishes using local Shiga ingredients which all generations can enjoy.

Restaurant & Bar

Treats for mind and body.

Based on the natural treatment method, we offer personalized spa treatments.
Fitness club in harmony with health and beauty.
Enjoy a moment in the ultimate resort environment.

Spa & Fitness

Relaxations which takes you away from ordinary.

Beside Lake Biwa where time flows slowly.
Beautiful gardens with exquisite seasonal plants.
Luxurious resort life among relaxing scenery awaits.

Guest room

Mind-broadening numerous recreations.

There are many activities and entertainment around Lake Biwa in Shiga,
which is accessible from the Royal Oak Hotel.
Enjoy special moments with your family and loved ones.


Calm morning beside the lake
Afternoon filled with activities
Dusk surrounded by fine dishes
Extraordinary starry sky at night
The numerous ways of relaxation awaits you here.