Japan's Largest Lake: Lake Biwa

Royal Oak Hotel Spa & GardensThe Royal Oak Hotel Spa & Gardens overlooks the largest lake in Japan, Lake Biwa. A well known sightseeing destination, Lake Biwa attracts many visitors all year round. Tourists enjoy excursion boats, cruises, yachts and personal watercraft. In summer, people take pleasure in lake-side barbequing, camping and swimming. Every year since 1977, the “Japan International Birdman Rally" has been held there, in which handmade human-powered aircraft fly over the lake. In winter, you can enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding at nearby Biwako Valley.

Nearest Station: JR Ishiyama Station
From JR Ishiyama Station to Hotel: 8 minutes (by car)
We have a free shuttle bus service from Ishiyama Station to our hotel.




Filled with Sites Revealing Japanese History and Culture

KyotoKyoto, located next to Shiga prefecture, is famous throughout the world as Japan's premiere sightseeing location. In the midst of an evocative urban setting you will find many historical buildings, shrines and temples such as Kinkakuji and Kiyomizu temple. Many of these are registered as World Heritage Sites.
The geisha and maiko (geisha in training) who stroll along the street dressed in traditional Japanese garb are popular with foreign tourists.
Kyoto preserves many other ancient traditions and customs. It is a popular tourist destination all year round.

Directions and Transportation: JR Kyoto Station
From JR Kyoto Station to JR Ishiyama Station: approximately 13 minutes



Japan's Second City

OSAKAOsaka is famous as a center of commerce where numerous businesses are headquartered. Many business people and tourist pass through KIX (Kansai International Airport), located in Osaka Prefecture.
Osaka is home to Osaka Castle, Universal Studios Japan™, The Osaka Aquarium, and many modern commercial facilities. Recently the center of the city has undergone redevelopment. The city continues to pursue modernization and beatification. Comparable to Tokyo's Akihabara, Osaka's Nipponbashi is an area famous for its many electronics shops. Other than electronics it is also becoming popular for its many stores catering to fans of Anime (Japanese animation) and other subcultures.

TRANSPORTATION: KIX (Kansai International Airport), Itami Airport, JR Osaka Station
From KIX to JR Ishiyama Station (via JR Kyoto Station): approximately 1 hour 25 minutes
From Itami Airport to JR Ishiyama Station (via JR Kyoto Station): approximately 1 hour 3 minutes
From JR Osaka Station to JR Ishiyama Station: approximately 43 minutes